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Schreiner ProTech has been developing intelligent industrial marking products and film-based functional assembly components for engineering industries for over 60 years.  Customer-specific solutions include high-tech marking labels, laser marking of roll labels, pressure compensation seals with membranes for optimum ventilation, precision die-cut parts and protective film solutions for component openings. The Competence Center Services ensures professional integration into existing customer processes. In addition, we offer effective security solutions for maximum counterfeit and tamper protection.

As a long-standing development partner and system supplier, we support our customers in the automotive, electronics, solar and mechanical engineering sectors based on our extensive know-how. Our wide range of expertise assists you in controlling logistics operations more efficiently, optimizing processes and reducing costs.

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Oberschleissheim, April 2, 2014

Pressure compensation seals by Schreiner ProTech for sound generators of electric vehicles

Electric cars traveling on our roads emit very little, if any, noise. Sound generators ensure that the vehicles can be heard by other road users even at low speed. As the sound serves to prevent collisions, reliable functionality of these devices is very important. The pressure compensation seals by Schreiner ProTech help compensate excess pressure or vacuums in the sound generator box and reduce inspection time during airflow tests.

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